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We have extensive experience in delivering CPD.   The facilitator has considerable experience of successful business management within the schools and the wider teaching community.
Our CEBA is open to administrative staff seeking to develop themselves personally and professionally.
The CEBA will increase professional competence in relation to the roles of administrative staff.  It will also develop better use of information and communications technology which will improve information flow and the communication process.  The programme also improves the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative procedures and processes.
This programme takes approximately seven months to complete.  During this time, you will attend one and a half days training at a local venue.  There will be approximately two months between each of the training events, and between these you will keep in touch with other group members through our dedicated learning management system via email.

The Certificate in Educational Business and Administration is a level 3 programme for school and LA administrators.

Programme content includes discussions and tasks linked to:

        • Professional skills audit
        • Plenary sessions
        • Challenge Learning
        • Questioning techniques
        • Starter Activities
        • Assessment
        • Planning lessons
        • Differentiation
        • Engaging in Learning

Expectations for successful completion of the programme:

        • To attend all of the sessions.
        • To have regular meetings with your school Mentor.
        • To complete the post session challenges in your learning three.
        • To have time available to complete the post sessions challenges which may require the learning three to team plan, observe lesson and evaluate.


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