“The ITP has helped me to remember what good and outstanding teaching looks like.  It has focused me more on planning my lessons effectively and using questioning to challenge pupils.  It has given me the confidence in myself to know that I am a good teacher.”


We have extensive experience in delivering CPD and have had very positive feedback from delegates who have attended the ITP course.  The facilitators have considerable experience of successful teaching and development roles within the schools and the wider teaching community.
This programme is for teachers who want to develop their teaching practice and deliver consistently ‘good’ lessons. We recommend that schools send three members of staff to attend the programme.
The end result is a motivated teacher with the tools and expertise to succeed, leading not only to enhanced classroom and pupil performance but also higher standards across the school. Participants will know how to deliver key concepts through consistent practice. It will deliver an invaluable opportunity for teachers to pick up successful techniques and formulate new strategies to bring back to their own classroom from observing teaching best practice.
The programme consists of 4 half day sessions and one full day session over 5 weeks. Participants are grouped into threes to enable an intensive learning and support experience that focuses on individual needs. Sessions include observations, practical activities, feedback and colleague mentoring. A mentor should be agreed upon for the learning three who is usually a senior leader at the school.

The Improving Teacher Programme is a highly effective programme aimed at developing the skills and strategies of staff so they deliver consistently ‘good’ lessons.  Through practical and interactive development sessions, participants will build confidence as they generate ideas and strategies on how to improve their practice. The programme enables teachers to:

  • provide their students with the best possible learning experience
  • improve standards in their classrooms and schools
  • increase their job satisfaction and quality of experience
  • work more effectively as active members of their school team

Programme content includes discussions and tasks linked to:

  • Professional Skills Audit
  • Plenary sessions
  • Challenge learning
  • Questioning techniques
  • Starter activities
  • Assessment
  • Planning lessons
  • Differentiation
  • Engaging in learning

Expectations for successful completion of the programme:

  • To attend all of the sessions.
  • To have regular meetings with your school Mentor.
  • To complete the post session challenges in your learning threes.
  • To have time available to complete the post sessions challenges which may require the learning three to team plan, observe lesson and evaluate.

Where will the course be held?

Ormiston Venture Academy


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