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“With TAs that are valued, trained and supported, we will allow our children to reach their full potential.”  The Guardian




We have extensive experience in delivering CPD.  The facilitators have considerable experience of successful teaching and development roles within the schools and the wider teaching community.
The programme is for teaching assistants who are, or have the potential to be outstanding in their roles.
Participants will feel inspired and motivated to take their learning back into their schools, to make an immediate impact in their own practice, with the pupils they support, their SEN colleagues and the wider teaching staff. Delegates must attend all sessions to be accredited.
Each programme comprises five morning sessions over five weeks.  The key ingredient is the opportunity to share previous experience, existing expertise and new learning with colleagues in a safe, supportive and challenging environment..

The outstanding Teaching Assistant’s Programme is for teaching assistants who are, or have the potential to be outstanding in their roles.  It is intended to develop the potential for TAs to have a wider impact on improving the quality of teaching and learning across the school.

What are the aims?

The core aim of the programme is to provide opportunities for the TA to develop their understanding and skills to support outstanding learning and teaching.

The programme empowers TAs to:

        • provide their pupils/students with the best possible learning experience
        • support the improvement of student outcomes throughout the school
        • work more effectively within a team committed to improving standards
        • consolidate and renew skills, develop new ones, increase positive attitudes and enrich understanding for themselves and others

Programme Structure

The programme runs over 5 weeks. It is delivered through face-to-face taught sessions, classroom observations and learning walks within the host school.

What does it involve?

Through the programme delegates will explore:

        • What does an outstanding teaching assistant look like?’
        • Key definitions and audits of strengths and weaknesses
        • Coaching
        • New learning on differentiation
        • Understanding assessment
        • In school practice
        • Developing a success criteria
        • Acton planning and evaluation
        • What is effective questioning?


The programme works best if schools are able to send three teachers on the same course, as practical school-based tasks are based on groups of three. You will also have to nominate an in school coach to support participants with post session challenges and give time to participants to collaborate in school.


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